Scott Gese / Writer

I was born feet first. 
It was the perfect set-up to hit the ground running. 
I did and I've never looked back.
I spent my childhood East of the Dakota's. When I was ten, my parents packed up all they owned including six kids and moved to Oregon.  
Over the years I developed a few useful skills including woodworking, outdoor photography and writing.
Aside from the blog, my writing includes full length novels, magazine articles, short stories and blog posts. My photography can be found Here on Alamy.

A Few of My Articles Beyond This Blog

Rope & Wire website  /  Side Trail
Antique Power Magazine, Nov/Dec 2016  /  We All Scream for Tractor Ice Cream
Barefoot Writer Magazine  / Contest Winner  How Gardening Improved My Copywriting Career

My Books on Amazon